There are many facets to being a parent. On any given day we have to discipline our kids, hug our kids, organize them, coach them, love them, teach them, and so many other things. The Bible says that children are a blessing. Not that your children or my children but children. So that means even those children running around the toy isle acting as if they know no rules, are blessings. All children are blessings, we as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends need to realize that.

I pray the articles and resources below will encourage and inspire you as you take your journey through parenthood.

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Let Me Tell You (11)
These are stories and inspiration from parents just like you. Things they wanted to share with others and let people know just how wonderful God is.
Medical (1)
Parenting isn't always easy, especially if your child has an illness. These articles are to help understand the God is there and conditions and illnesses are not bigger than Him.
Moments For Mom (115)
Join Elisabeth K. Corcoran as she travels down that long but wonderful road of parenthood. Testimony, tips, thoughts, and more in these monthly articles.
Moms Escape (19)
Our webmaster shares with you her experiences as a mother. Through the trials of raising a blended family and how the answer to everything keeps coming back to relying on God.
Teenage Years (4)
Every parent that ever has a child gets to look forward to the teen years. They can be some of the most trying years and some of the most rewarding years.


Are Toxic Household Chemicals Poisoning Your Family?
~Daphne Wayne
The EPA reports that toxic chemiclas in our home cleaning and personal care products are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outside pollutants. They also warn that toxic chemicals in household cleaners cause women working at home to have a 55% higher cancer risk than women working outside the home.

Are Your Kids Out Of Control, Or Are You?
~Mark A. Bradley
Little Johnny just threw the cat across the room and dumped the coffee table over, spreading every magazine in the house all over the floor. Little Sally just swallowed the goldfish and had a tea party for all eight dolls she has, using real tea. The dog just discovered the roast you left out for dinner, and ate it. Now he’s sick and has decided to give you the roast back, in your lap. The cat may recover, after $200.00 at the vet.

Being Chosen
~Faith Johnson
In celebrating Father's Day our family is reminded of the challenges that we face regularly. For those that don't know, our family is a blended family. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves, like around family oriented holidays and celebrations.

Christian Family Activities
~Faith Johnson
What can be more fun than doing family activities? Well, let me think....... LOL. Seriously, remember when you were a child the things that stick out the most are usually when you family was happy and doing things together. What a better time to have fun and reinforce our faith?

Christian Parenting
~Faith Johnson
Christian parenting is what all parents should be doing. As Christians we should be doing God's will and teaching our children about Him and embeding the desire to become 'children of God'.

Family Values
~Faith Johnson
It is now politically correct to talk about family values and getting back to them, but nobody is defining them. It seems that as long as they are being talked about everybody is happy.

Getting Your Priorities Straight , Put Down the Broom and Pick Up A Crayon
~by Erika of This Christian Wahm.com

God's Will vs Parents Will
~Faith Johnson
In a time where Father knows best or even if Mama ain't happy nobody's happy, we need to take a reality check when it comes to our kids. We may have desires for our kids, but isn't it more important for what God wants for our kids?

Homeschool & Learning
All homeschoolers can use another resource in finding books and resources to teach their blessed children at home.

How Talking and Touching Actually Build Brain Cells
~Dr. Tian Dayton
Every day we read articles about the importance of early learning in math, mobiles and cognitive skills of all kinds but there is a new trend in child research making itself felt. Neuroscience is producing studies by the truckload that are clearly pointing to the truth that as mothers many of us have always intuited; we are our children’s “enriched environment”.

How to Combat the Media's Influence on our Children
~Dianna Hobbs
This is not your typical parenting article that shares "survival tips", or the best DVD's and activities to fight boredom. Rather, I'm going to share practical principles and techniques for raising spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy children. This one's a must-read!

Moms Need a Day Off Too!
~Erika of This Christian Wahm.com

Nurture and Admonition
~Faith Johnson
When we nurture our children we not only feed and protect them, but we also support and encourage them while training them what is right and wrong. How we nurture them of the Lord is training our children in the ways of the Lord.

Parents Asking Parents
Our improved question and answer database for our parents that have questions. Here you will find the questions that parents like you have asked and that maybe you can share what worked for you.

Roman Road
Are you saved? Do you know Jesus?

Thinking About... the Broken
~Faith Johnson
God is there for us, we just have to be able to accept His love.

Time, Talent, and Treasure for Families
~Victoria Carrington, M.D.
A recent survey sponsored by Publisher's Weekly magazine revealed that once again, America's favorite leisure activities are reading and watching television, both of which ranked higher than spending time with family. It seems sad that these two relatively meaningless activities are ranked above the life-giving role and God-given mandate that we have to raise, spend time with and enjoy our families.

To Clean or Not to Clean (Your Child's Room)
~Rachel Paxton - rachel@creativehomemaking.com
Whether or not to help your child clean their room. It's an age old dilemma. I still clearly remember my dad patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) explaining and demonstrating to me how to fold the sheet corners on my bed. I just didn't understand how the way he learned to make his bed in the army had to do with me and how I made my bed. Why was he torturing me this way?

Touch is Brain Fertilizer
~Dr. Tian Dayton
So key is family to survival that divine design has rewarded close connection and made separation hurt. Not accidentally, the opiates that are our biological reward system and are turned on by touch and connection, not only produce feelings of joy and pleasure but literally act as fertilizer for brain and body growth of all kinds.We are built for connection and connection allows us to grow strong, intelligent and resilient.

What is Being Marketed Toward Your Children?
~Lauren Alexander
I am very concerned about the clothing that children are wearing, and what is being marketed to them. I know that this is not a new problem, but we need to be especially sensitive to the facts as we shop for our loved ones this Christmas season.

For a great selection of youth bibles, please visit our friends at BibleCo.com for an engraved children’s bible.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

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