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Top : Prayer Room : Praying Out Loud... Can You?

Praying Out Loud... Can You?

~ Diane Holcomb

This is a good question concerning prayer and Yes I too have been and will be nervous praying outloud. Or sharing a prayer with all of you! I have learned one thing that God is not disappointed in what we say to Him. Are we disappointed in what our children/gchildren say to us? Don't we want them to ask out loud what is bothering them or even just to connect with them. Don't we call them and ask how they are doing? What is going on in thier lives? Well our Father in heaven feels the same way. He enjoys hearing our voice. He knows our thoughts but He desires to hear our voices as He knows that is a part of us that scares us in a way......hearing our own voice.

But often when we come up against something don't we pray and tell our selves we will stand firm until we hear the voice of God. We expect and desire God to talk to us to whisper to us to assure us so we should not be too interested in how we pray nore what we pray but that we are heard! We long for so much in our personal lives with people we love. They long to hear our voice as well. Should we not feel the same way about God since He gave us the voice to speak to be heard?

I know it is not easy being in public and I have and still do stammer sometimes because I just don't know what to pray. Thanking God in public situations has always been the key for me. Come before Him in praise and thanksgiving. Talk outloud to Him just as you do in your prayer time. Just like when you talk to someone else. It is scary but I have learned that it is so worth while sharing my heart with my Father in and out of church with my voice... the scriptures of Psalms it says... with my mouth (voice) will I make known ...thy faithfulness... thy faithfulness. ...with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.

I say all that to also say it does not matter if we pray silently or outloud... or whisper it... or go to our closets ...or table... or church pew. What matters is we talk to Jesus and praise Him. He is concerned about us so yes we need to be open to what we are facing so He can help us deal with it ...and He knows our hearts... our minds... and He knows what we are trying to say long before we get the courage to say it. Don't let others feelings or ideas bother you about your prayer time... ...this is between you and your Father.

| 2006

Diane Holcomb from PA. I love to write short articles and poems or praises to our God. I also enjoy crafting, studying my Bible. I have 4 wonderful grandchildren 3 girls and 1 gson. I have one son living with me with his 2 daughters and his dw. Another son is waiting in heaven with his daddy for all of us to come home.

Submitted on : 27-Nov-2006

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Top : Prayer Room : Praying Out Loud... Can You?

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