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Christian Parenting

Christian parenting is what all parents should be doing. As Christians we should be doing God's will and teaching our children about Him and embeding the desire to become 'children of God'.

Being a parent isn't an easy job in this day and age. Everything of the world is going against you. That is when as parents, you should make a covenant to raise your kids as godly as possible. Teach them about the Lord, Teach them that Christ is to be our number one priority. Pray with them.

To be a parent these days isn't just to tell your kids what they can and can not do., you have to give reason. Teach that we don't steal because it is wrong and that we have to give something in order to receive something. {example.... John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave His ONLY Son that WHOEVER believe in Him will not die but have eternal life.} God gave His Son so that we could join Him in heaven.

To get into deeper issues, not to have adulterous affairs, married or not. This is told to us in Exodus 20:14. We are only to be involved with the person we marry. For a covenant in the eyes of God is eternal. Once to beings are united they are not to be un-united. Now of course I don't mean if your spouse is abusing you that you have to sit there and take it. A marriage covenant is to be of love.

There are other things we should prepare our children for also as parents. The fact that there are occultic religions out there that are not of God although they claim to be. Also those religions that refuse God and Jesus Christ His Son. We are to respect those people for their opinion and show them the love that Christ has shown us.

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