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Welcome, our Parents Corner is here to provide several resources for you. We are continuously adding to our articles and we have several categories to choose from.

As a parent myself I understand many of the concerns of todays parents, should I let my kids watch that? when should dating be allowed? does my child have ADHD? what is bladder reflux? what are some good devotionals for me and my family? These and many other questions will be addressed. All are valid concerns and there are also several more that will be addressed. Being a parent is not an easy task, but if we all work together and help each other with our own experiences, it will make it easier.

In the Tried & True section you will find full length articles where parents share how they learned their lesson the hard way, or how something they found can make life a little bit more enjoyable.

We also have a music feature too, featuring Christian artists and their albums. Periodically we will feature a new album of contemporary Christian music. What better way to grow in the Lord with your children than by listening to worshipful music together?

Another new section is our Let me tell ya. This is where you share you experiences, serious or comedic, with us. If you want to share, there is a message board in which you can post your experiences. Some will be posted on the site and linked to from the main page in Let me tell ya.

Our message board is up and going now come on by and visit the Parenting Discussion.

In the menu to your left, you will find an easy to use navigation. Enjoy. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email

God Bless You,

Faith Johnson, webmaster

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