Well, it's been one of those days - with some moment's not worth remembering. Seems like they usually occur at bedtime - we're all tired - and a few small jobs that haven't been fulfilled turn into big ones.

When I should have laughed, I didn't. What messes I should have overlooked, I didn't. My voice got louder than necessary. Through it all, we go to sleep feeling a space between us instead of that warm security. The talk about responsibility, the short prayer and brief kisses don't really help.

But these are moment's I can learn from. And I'm not alone through these stresses that make my head hurt and my neck sore. My Heavenly Father will give me (and the 3 girls) rest. Tomorrow He'll lift me up and guide me in a new day of mother's moments.


Me, a worrier? NO! First, I stood in the house--eyes peeled to the window, eyeballs bulging to "see" those little blond heads as long as I could.

Then, I walked outside, pretending to show the baby God's wonderful creation, while I was actually straining my ears to 'hear' their voices in the wind.

Were they okay? How far were they now? Is there any traffic on the road? Are they walking on the right side? Will they fall-are they scared? My brain is pumping out as many questions as my six year old asks! And the adrenaline is flowing through these 33 year old bones - panic, frantic is setting in!

You'd think I'd use these quiet 'moments' to do one of the 101 things I always say I'll do when the girls aren't here. But it's so hard to let go - to think they are old enough to do a big task, responsible enough to bake a cake or clean a room as good as me, and careful enough for a mile and a half walk to the neighbors.

Help me Lord - to not always hold that child's hand, but to let go of that hand at certain times - and may I remember that the hand isn't empty - but embraced by yours.